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Contents RescueNet course

RescueNet offers a unique, two week training course. The course is designed to expose each participant to the various fields of emergency relief work, including First Response Medicine, Search and Rescue, Fire Suppression, Disaster Psychology, Radio Communications, Disaster Childcare, Field Awareness, etc.

Using a modular form of training, RescueNet uses the expertise of its own trained members and of other local  experienced people to train in their field of work. Throughout the course there will be teaching in a classroom setting, lots of practical applications, team building sessions as well as engaging in different 'disaster' scenarios in a build up to the final (as real life as possible) scenario, which lasts for several hours and encompasses everything that has been taught. Throughout the scenarios the aim is to simulate ‘on field’ experiences. The schedule is definitely very full. Participants will be challenged each day and should come prepared to learn, participate and work in a team setting.

To participate in this course, applicants must have successfully completed a DTS and hold a current First Aid certificate.

For more information on membership go to the tab "About RescueNet" or click here