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Donations and financial policy

All RescueNet members are volunteers and receive no salary or compensation for their efforts. They are personally responsible for their own expenses, such as training, uniforms, and other personal equipment needed for being deployable. If needed, they will organize their own fundraising.

All donations RescueNet receives will be used directly* or indirectly** for relief efforts RescueNet pursues and executes.

Donations can be made out to:

  • RescueNet Europe
  • IBAN: NL 38 RABO 0326 5210 62

*in case of a deployment donations will go to expenses directly related to the disaster at hand. This could mean e.g. medical items (bandages and medication), water filters, transportation costs on the field, costs for counselling families and children, etc.

** costs incurred for team equipment (radios, team tents, toys for children, medical kits with bandages and medications), communication costs (websites, domains etc.) and other overhead costs for the RescueNet office are considered to be indirect costs.