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Friends of RescueNet

The foundation 'Heart for Children' is one of the friends of RescueNet. With their financial support to RescueNet during the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 we were able to bless the people of Haiti through our contacts there with a shipment of family sized waterfilters.
Also after the disaster caused by the Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines (November 8, 2013) and after the earthquake in Nepal (April 2015) 'Heart for Children' financially supported RescueNet in its deployment to these disaster areas. With their contribution RescueNet has been able to do much good for the victims in both the Philippines and Nepal as well as being a blessing to the children there through children's programs.
For more information about 'Heart for Children' check their website at

Visus Oogkliniek is the largest Eye-laser clinic in the Netherlands and runs annually more than 3000 operations using the best and most advanced eye-laser technologies. With a lifelong warranty, lowest price and 100% vision guarantee, Visus Oogkliniek truly looks after her patients. Next to caring for her patients, Visus Oogkliniek sponsors RescueNet in a very practical way. By donating the so called ‘Dr. Visus bear’ to RescueNet, they offer a very special and practical contribution to the work of RescueNet. The RescueNet Child Care workers will hand out these ‘Dr. Visus bears’ to children who go through the worst time of their lives, are traumatized and have lost almost everything. The ‘Dr. Visus bear’ can be that last thing they can ‘hang on’ to in their dire circumstances.

RescueNet has included the ‘Dr. Visus bear’ in their team equipment and will bring these bears on their next deployment.

For more information on ‘Visus Oogkliniek’,check out
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