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History, mission and vision

RescueNet was originally the God given vision of Brett Harwood from the United States of America. From 1986 onwards, when he established RescueNet, he took medical teams into different situations in Central America. It soon became quite apparent that the one team they had wouldn't be able to respond to all situations every time and a larger vision began to emerge. Brett dreamed of having multiple teams strategically placed around the world. This vision began to become a reality when RescueNet was introduced in Australia in 2000. In december 2001 the first RescueNet course in Adelaide, Australia was held but around the same time RescueNet US practically ceased to exist due due to Brett's ailing health, inflicted by asbestos poisoning in the September 11, 2001 disaster but also due to other personal reasons.  However,  in June 2004 RescueNet was re-introduced to the USA and in 2007 RescueNet Europe started in the Netherlands.

RescueNet's aim is to show people God's practical love, compassion and caring by helping victims of a disaster in any way we can. As a rapid emergency response relief team we try to deploy within 24 - 48 hours after the event for as long as 10 days up to 3 or 4 weeks.

One of our goals is to see more and more people join RescueNet as a member so that RescueNet is able to respond to more disasters with more teams and thus help to stabilise the lives of those affected until the longer term ‘effort’ arrives.