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How to become a RescueNet team member?

RescueNet is an organisation that annually welcomes new members. In order to become part of this growing RescueNet team we have a strict application policy to ensure that well trained, capable and reliable members enter the disaster scene with us.

Entering requirements
Because RescueNet's vision is Christian faith based, we require that potential members have succesfully gone through a Discipleship Training School (DTS). Next to that a current First Aid certificate is required to enter our RescueNet training program.

The RescueNet training
Annually RescueNet training courses are offered in Europe, Australia and USA. An intense two weeks training program will expose the participant to many basic needs and skills and teaches the participant what he or she may need to become part of a team deploying into a disaster area. For more information click here. Next to the theory a number of practical scenario's will be introduced in which the theory practically needs to be applied. The training course builds up towards a final written review and final 'disaster' scenario.

The application procedure
After the RescueNet training you do not become a member automatically, you will have to apply for membership. RescueNet has set up a special committee to process new applications. In this process aspects such as personal & team attitude during the training, performance, knowledge and skills will be looked at that are important in deployments to disaster areas.
Once accepted the potential member will enter the probationary period which consists of the following 2 phases:

1. You will first be required to staff a RescueNet training course at any of the locations where it is offered. This gives leadership and experienced staff time to assess you in a team context. This phase must be completed in order to be able to deploy with us. We now also occasionally offer specific RescueNet outreaches in which you can also fulfill this first probation phase. After completing this phase you will then have to acquire some basic gear and vaccines in order to be deployable.

2. The second phase of the PP is an actual deployment. Once you have engaged in a deployment with us and have demonstrated competence on the field, you will exit your probationary phase and become a Team Member.

If either phase is not completed successfully you will be invited to repeat that phase and we will help you shore up the areas you may be having difficulty with.

We are not looking for perfection, but because of the events that we respond to, we are looking for people who have the determination and aptitude to respond appropriately in a large-scale crisis. The mental and physical pressure can be high so we want that both you and we are confident that the wonderful work of RescueNet actually fits you.