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RescueNet training again succesfully completed

Last year in October 2009 several RescueNet Europe members deployed to Sumatra for a rapid response relief effort to the victims of the major earthquake there. This disaster of 7.6 on the Richter scale caused enormous damage but had relatively small numbers of fatalities. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti however, a 7.3 on the richter scale, had far more disastreous results. Causing a mere 230,000 people to die which will affect the country for many years to come. RescueNet Europe members also deployed to this disaster.

  With this current experience the 4th European RescueNet course was organised for those interested in joining RescueNet teams to offer rapid response disaster relief. A group of 12 people, coming from 8 different nations, signed up for the training and came to Heerde in the Netherlands to go through this intense course. The recently acquired experiences in Sumatra and Haiti clearly spoke to the participants and convinced them that RescueNet can actually make a big difference in the ‘shaken’ lives of  disaster victims. One of the participants wrote: "The RescueNet course was a great experience. It gave me the tools to reach out practically to those most in need of God's love, the ones suffering in disaster zones. The teaching was very hands-on, which I enjoyed. Especially impacting were the pictures and stories of the Rescuenet Deployments in Sumatra & Haiti. All in all a course that everyone who ever saw pictures of a disaster and thought "how can I help" should do!"

The teaching was offered in many different ways, not only in a class room setting. A big scenario was done with the local fire brigade early in the course, many small and some bigger exercises were set up in and around the Heidebeek and ‘s Heerenhof base and at the end of the 2 weeks a big final scenario took place in a huge building in the area. In this final exercise, a warzone with refugees, 18 casualties of a terrorist attack had to be rescued, stabilised and evacuated from the building to a safe area. Frightened refugees, shot and granate wounds, annoying reporters, smoke, panic and threats of new attacks hampered the rescue efforts and required the full continuous attention of all the participants. But they did a wonderful job!

 All in all another succesful course with a great potential for new RescueNet members who can be added to the ever growing team of available people who, driven by God’s love, want to respond to the disasters of this world.